Empire Countertops - Factory Direct Showroom

Empire Countertops has been manufacturing laminate countertops since the mid 1980s, with the current owners bringing to the company more than 35 years of experience in the kitchen cabinet and construction industry. Here in Niagara we are accustomed to many quality builders and, therefore, Empire understands the importance of quality and good customer service.

The fact that we manufacture most of our products right here in our plant means that, in the event your counter should need some minor adjustment, it is often possible to accomplish it in the same day, rather than shipping the counter back to the fabricator and waiting for the truck to bring it back after what could be several weeks. This can play a major role in your ability to keep your construction on schedule.

A hallmark of Empire Countertops is our commitment to ethical business practice. To you, this means honest answers to your questions, straight-forward billing and receipting and good corporate citizenship. It also means that we look for the same in our suppliers.

Your purchase at Empire Countertops makes it possible for us to be a regular contributor to numerous charities such as Habitat for Humanity, SCA International (working with Canada's First Nations and people in various forms of isolation), Calvary Christian School and other worthwhile organizations.

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